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Are you ready to take the next steps as a disciple maker? 

Below is a list of resources and links to help you in your next steps as a disciple maker. We highly encourage you to fill out the Next Steps form below. This information will allow us to come along side you in your next steps and help get you the resources and support you need. 

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D-Life exists to equip common people
​to be Christ-like disciple-makers. It is not a program; it's a lifestyle. The D-Life process is modeled after Jesus and His 6 practices of disciple-making; fellowship, teaching, prayer, ministry, multiplication, and accountability. This curriculum is available in a journal format or all online. For more information about D-Life visit the link to the left.
In a landscape overtaken by “growth strategies” and “church models,” we strive to focus on “Christ’s Model." If anyone could create a perfect model capable of withstanding the test of time, it would certainly be the author of time and creation. Jesus did just this by investing in His disciples, who later would make disciples who made disciples. DMD offers curriculum as well as cohorts and other resources. For more information about DMD visit the link to the left.


Below is a list of downloadable files used in the various sessions and breakouts at DMU 2023.
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